Hit And Run Review

Hit And Run Review

Many Urban Legends can trace their roots back to the 1950s, and have stayed with us as a society, being told as ‘fact, no right, this really happened to a friend of my sister’s boyfriend’s aunt’s cat sitter’. One of the most famous and enduring is the ‘bloody hook on the car handle’, another being ‘drunk driver embeds young girl on his car grille’. Mix this in with the shocking real life case of Chante Mallard and we have Hit And Run (aka Bumper, as the DVD box helpfully states). And yes, Spoilers to follow.

Ah, Well I Didn’t Watch The ‘Unrated’ Version. I’m Sure That Would Have Made ALL The Difference.

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The Tattooist Review

The Tattooist Review

Some people tend to have fairly strong opinions about tattoos. I like them (although I have seen some utterly horrific ones) and am inked myself. Often when trying to dissuade someone from getting a tattoo it will be pointed out that the tattoo will be regretted later in life and will look horrible on ‘wrinkled and sagging skin’ (and the non-tattooed ‘wrinkled and sagging skin’ is going to look well hot right?). However I doubt anyone has ever said, as a method of discouragement, that if they get a tattoo a weird deformed ink monster will slay them brutally. Which brings us to The Tattooist; a 2007 film starring Jason Behr as the titular ink slinger. And once again, this review contains Spoilers.

It’s No Spoiler To Say That These Tattoos Are Fake

(And That He Appears To Be An Arse Man)

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Husk Review

The humble scarecrow. Not as much a horror film staple as you might think. In fact, the creepiest scarecrows of recent years actually appeared in television essentially for children – Dr Who.  So I give the makers of ‘Husk’ some credit for attempting to bring back the scarecrow subgenre. And the scarecrows are, initially, quite scary. The film as a whole however, isn’t that good. However, I am going to talk about it for the next five pages so who’s the loser here? (Hint, it’s me) Also, Spoilers will obviously follow.


One Of The Best New Dr Who Episodes Ever

(Mostly Because Of Jessica Hynes, aka, Daisy From Spaced)

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