Greetings And Salutations.

Being about to turn 30 can give many people pause for thought. There can be a lot of soul searching and looking back into the past to see where it all went wrong. Or right, I suppose. But how many content, well adjusted folk look for validations of their opinions on the Internet? (Yes, I’m sure there are many, I actually know some of them, I just don’t claim to be part of their number) To some blogging is still seen as a past time of emo type teenagers, etching derivative Tim Burton characters to symbolise The Used lyrics. Back when I was a teenager (oh so many moons ago) blogging wasn’t really a thing – in fact, choosing between Yahoo and Hotmail as your email service provider was basically the hardest decision one could make. (AOL could always get to fuck though).


My Teenage Angst Did Not Have A Body CountFor The Record

Thankfully, this backward looking thing hasn’t led me to begin writing an angsty self-pitying load of bollocks (these inane ramblings aside, to these I offer up the excuse of creating context), it has inspired me to attempt to get back into writing, something I’ve always loved, and do something creative. The series of vaguely unfufilling jobs I’ve had since University (Yes, I am well aware that I’m lucky to have a job in this current climate, Cameron’s a bastard etc…that wasn’t a flippant political throwaway by the way, I really do think the man’s a cunt) haven’t allowed for that. So fuck it, thought I, why not just scribble out some witterings and stick them on the Internet?

Chosen Topic (Cue Mastermind theme) – Horror Films.


  What, Another Horror Film Blog?

(Ah, Even The Picture Is A Cliche)

Yes, I’m not going to be winning any originality awards any time soon. Recently, having become acquainted with Netflix and Sky Player, I have seen many more rubbishy, poorly executed horror films than I otherwise would have done (so, thanks, I guess?). Not many of these films are well known, and it’s no spoiler to say most of them are not overlooked little gems just begging for mainstream attention as future cult classics. The majority of them are just well, rubbishy, poorly executed horror films. So what will follow will be my thoughts/reviews/wine infused rantings on some of these films.

And always remember – Don’t Look In The Basement/Go Into The Woods Alone/Open The Window/Go In The House/Answer The Phone.


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