Dead Wood Review

A dilemma faces me. The Evil Dead remake just opened in the UK. As much as I have heard very mixed reviews of it, I do fancy seeing it on the big screen, really see those guts fly. However, this would involve going to the cinema, which I can find a very trying experience these days, mostly due to the irreconcilable fact that Hell is, as someone once observed, other people. Other people to whom the act of sitting down, turning their phones off and shutting the fuck up for a set amount of time is a completely alien concept. And that’s before you factor in the price and the food. I once saw a cinema lobby that proudly proclaimed it sold ‘Extra Crunchy Crisps’. In a fucking cinema. I despair, of life generally. So, while I weigh up the Pros and Cons of a cinema trip (Pros: Might have a good time, Cons: Might have to make someone eat their own iPhone), I am going to look at a super low budget British horror film from 2007 that certainly took a healthy amount of inspiration (for that read: practically wholesale rip-off) from the 1981 The Evil Dead. This is a film that apparently needed a whole three directors but no people who could actually act, which actually an impressive feat if you think about it. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Dead Wood (Maybe I should have thought that sentence through more thoroughly) Spoilers To Follow.


You Can Tell It’s A British Film, Just Look At Those Teeth.

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