Long, Rambling, Angry Reviews

These are the reviews I wrote when I first started writing this blog. They are long and ranty and more overviews than proper reviews really. I’ve changed tact since then and admittedly cringe slightly sometimes when re-reading them but see no reason to take them down. They took bloody ages for a start. And they aren’t all completely dreadful. Possibly.

Walled In 

Dead Wood 


The Haunting 1999 

Thir13en Ghosts 

House On Haunted Hill 1999 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 

Blood Gnome 

The Graveyard 

Clawed: The Legend Of Sasquatch (Aka The Unknown)

Don’t Look In The Basement (Aka The Forgotten) 

Ripper: Letter From Hell 

Camp Blood 

The Pumpkin Karver 

Grave Encounters 

The Mutilator 

When Evil Calls 

Loch Ness Terror (AKA Beyond Loch Ness) 

Sickle (AKA Slaughterhouse Massacre)

Fertile Ground 

Hit And Run

The Tattooist 



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